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Financial Freedom in Real Estate Without the Hassle

Opal Sea Capital, real estate investment, Tax-Advantaged Wealth Through Real Estate, Real Estate Investment Company in United States, real estate properties management

Do you want to own real estate but don’t want to deal with running a property? Or deal with tenants and repairs?


Opal Sea Capital helps investors build wealth by providing ownership shares in real estate investment assets across the country. We find, fund, and manage real estate investment properties to give you more time to do the things you love.

Build Tax-Advantaged Wealth Through Real Estate

Keep More Income

Commercial real estate is the most favorable tax efficient vehicle on the planet. Efficient tax vehicles like real estate allow investors to keep more of their gains, helping them achieve financial freedom faster.

Build Your Legacy

Opal Sea Capital helps investors build generational wealth that passes to future generations in your family.

Consistent Cash Flow

Our deals provide regular cash flow to investors while we wait for our equity to appreciate over time.

Multiple Returns

Real estate investing provides returns in cash flow, asset value appreciation, mortgage paydown, cost segregation and tax depreciation & inflation-adjusted revenue growth. No other asset class provides a stronger combination of benefits.

Track Your Investments

Our online portal provides investors with monthly reporting, distribution statements, and end of year K-1 statements.

Invest Your Way

You can own shares in our opportunities by investing through a self-directed IRA, 401k, cash, LLC, or trust. Let us know if you’d like to learn more.

Opal Sea Capital, real estate investment, Tax-Advantaged Wealth Through Real Estate, Real Estate Investment Company in United States, real estate properties management

Investment Criteria

Capital Size+

Up to $50M

Asset Class

C or B class multifamily

Capable of obtaining long-term debt

50-250 units

Target Ratios & Exits

Perpetual hold

Liquidity event by Year 5

IRR 15%-18%+

Equity multiple 2+

Target Markets

Secondary markets in Central and South U.S.

High growth MSAs

Own Shares in Large Multifamily Assets

By investing in large, multifamily real estate (50+ doors), you benefit from better financing, world class property management, economies of scale, and multiple streams of income. Take the first step toward building your real estate portfolio today.

get shares in large multifamily assets


Investments in commercial real estate require an experienced team, one that you'll find with Opal Sea Capital. Our partners and advisors are active investors reflecting decades of experience across multiple asset classes. This provides a deep perspective that increases confidence in the investments with appropriate risk management practices.

Opal Sea Capital, real estate investment, Tax-Advantaged Wealth Through Real Estate, Real Estate Investment Company in United States, real estate properties management

What People Say About Us

“Always patient and adaptable and never happy with resting on our successes, they continue to be our sherpa.” – T.M.

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8101 College Blvd, Suite 100

Overland Park KS 66210


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